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Concept2 Holiday Challenge

Since I was in law school I have toyed with the idea of doing the Concept2 Holiday Challenge wherein one rows 200,000 miles between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Every year, something has come up and prevented me from doing the challenge, but this year, a combination of a bum ankle, which is keeping me from running, a slight lull in my crazy life schedule, I decided to give this thing a go. The challenge is now more than half over and I’m feeling pretty confident that I am going to get this thing done.


The rowing has gotten me the cardio I need, and it has given my ankle some much needed rest, but there is no doubt I have lost some running specific fitness. Once I get back out on the roads, I’m going to pay for this month off, but such is the life of the injured.


The rowing is also terribly boring. Watching the little display tick off the meters is getting awfully dull. Duller even than the treadmill, and that is pretty damn dull. I’ll be happy when this is over, I can collect my t-shirt and get back to running.




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Holiday Challenge

As this lingering foot issue is keeping me from running the miles I want, I’ve been hitting the concept2 rower again with some frequency (logging 5000 meters this morning, longest row yet!). I love the variety it offers from running and man do I break a sweat on the thing.

Now, because I can’t do anything “just for fun” I’ve been poking around on the concept2 site and decided that I am going to go for the holiday challenge this year, 200,000 meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is roughly 7,000 meters a day. Everyday. A commitment, sure, but not insane. I’m wondering if anyone else out there in internet land would be interested in joining me? Knowing someone else was out there logging the meters would be a great incentive to keep me on the machine.


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