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Running Commute

Trying to balance running a lot with working a lot and still seeing my wife and friends is not an easy task. Efficient use of time is key. So, with that in mind, this week I started running home from work. This being New York, the land of the Type A nut job, it is possible to go into an Eastern Mountain Sports, ask for the most popular running commuter backpack and get an informed answer. Apparently, lots of the hyper fit hippies at EMS run to work and the consensus is the Gregory Miwok 22 is the best bag for the commuting runner. At a price of one hundred dollars I will need to run home for about a month and a half to have the bag pay for itself.


I’ve been commuting now as I can for a week. So far, its been good. It’s a relatively flat 5.5-6 mile jaunt from my office on Wall Street to my home in Prospect Height. The routine is I pack my running clothes in the pack and take the train in to work in the morning with E, then at the end of the day I change at work, putting the work clothes in the pack, and head out the door. I get some strange looks, but hey, I’m being efficient.

If there is a downside to this it’s that I might be running a little less. Its hard to get back out the door for another two or three miles once I get home. I’ll have to rectify that this week.


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