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This week was the Boston Marathon. Robert K Cheruiyot won it in a new course record of 2:05:52; Teyba Erkesso won the women’s field in 2:26:11. Here’s a clip of the finishes, Teyba Erkesso’s win is by far the more dramatic.

For some reference, I ran a fifteen mile training run last sunday in 2:19:00, at a 9:16 pace. Cheruiyot’s new record was run at an average pace of around five minutes per mile. Dude is fast.

Someday, I am going to run Boston. Not in 2:05 of course, but I am going to run it. Training runs like the twenty miler I have planned for Sunday are what is going to get me there. Just you wait, sometime within the next five years, I’ll be toeing the line in Boston. I promise.


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