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I think I should probably call this weeks video Friday Education instead of Friday inspiration. As I get more serious about running, I am learning more and more about the sport. Learning about effective training means learning about Arthut Lydiard, the running coach who revolutionized distance runner.

Check out this video where the Lydiard method is explained:

As for me, there won’t be a true long run this weekend. I’m battling a number of aches and pains and I’m going to listen to my body and take it easy. I think it is better to ease back into training instead of forcing a higher mileage week this soon after the marathon.


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I wasn’t much, just a quick jog around the neighborhood, but I hit five hundred miles for the year this morning, two months earlier than I hit the same milestone last year. I’m feeling good, I’m feeling healthy and I’m feeling ready for my marathon at the end of the month.

Now, check out this amazing footage for the world 24 championships yesterday. One of the guys running in this video logs his miles on the same website I do. He ran 248.454 km (roughly 154 miles) and finished 12th IN THE WORLD. In training for this race, he routinely put in weeks of over 200 miles. An amazing performance which really puts my little 500 miles for the year in perspective.

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The seventies were about short shorts, and running mega mileage, but they were also about the changing nature of the sport of marathoning.

No one exemplifies that more than Katherine Switzer.  Katherine Switzer is because was the first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon, she did it in 1967, finishing in a time of roughly 4:20. Switzer entered the race with the gender neutral name of “K.V. Switzer” and when race director Jock Semple figured out she was a woman, he freaked, and tried to pull her from the course. Physically. When he went to grab Switzer, he was stopped by Switzer’s boyfriend, Tom Miller. The photo of this altercation is one of the most famous in marathoning:

Switzer escaping the clutches of Jock Semple, with some help from Tom Miller, photo: AP

Hard to tell here if Switzer was a heel striker, or just off balance from the hit by Semple.

Switzer didn’t stop at being the first woman to run Boston, she went on to have a long and storied career in running, capping it off with a win in the 1974 New York Marathon in a time of 3:07:29. Check out Katherine’s website here.

Nice work Katharine, on shattering the gender divide in endurance sports and dropping an hour and ten minutes off your marathon time!

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