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First, I over slept. Then, I had to work late, but finally, late last night, I headed out the door for five miles and reached little mini milestone. I had run fifty days in a row.

I know streaking is a controversial topic in the running community. People think running distances of less than three miles is a waste of time, or people think it may increase your risk of injury. Maybe both those things are true, but for me, building this running streak and making sure I get out the door and get at least a mile in no matter what happens has immensely helped my running.

It is only fifty days, nothing compared to the kind of streaks you see on runeveryday, but I feel stronger, lighter, and faster. I feel prepared for my spring marathon and I feel certain that, barring some really calamitous event, there really is no excuse to not get out the door. For me, this has been a real revelation. I can’t wait to see how I am doing at 100 days.


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