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RECAP: Still here, still running. Insanely busy with work, but fitting in some miles and keeping to my promise to build the miles slowly and not get hurt.  Last week was the first time I hit thirty miles for the week since November and it felt fine. In an abundance of caution, I took a slight cut back this week. Next week I plan to be back up over thirty again.


In other jock news, I’m spending a lot of time lately learning how to rock climb. So far I’ve only been dabbling in bouldering at the rock climbing gym here in BK, but I’ll be getting outside this spring .  Expect lots more on rock climbing around here in the coming months.


Rushed today (as always) so here are the numbers:



Run Streak: 0

Average Weight –186

Running Miles: 25.7 in 4:11:22

Bike Miles:  ? in 30:00

Strength and Flexibility: 2:45:00

Total exercise time: ~7.5 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 1 in 9:00

Tuesday –Off

Wednesday – 6.5 in 1:05:00; Pull ups (7,3,2)

Thursday – 6.5 in 1:03:00; Spin Bike: 30:00

Friday – 6 in 59:40; Pull ups (4,3,2); Push Ups (25)

Saturday – thirty minutes of stretching and foam roller

Sunday – 5.75 in 54:42; 1:30 of bouldering; 10×4 V-ups; 10×4 push ups


Goals for Last Week:

  1. n/a


Looking Ahead:

The running is coming along fine, it’s slow, but it’s getting better. I’m determined not to push it, just thirty miles this week, no need to get hurt just when the weather is starting to get good.



Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run 30 miles
  2. Exercise for at least six hours
  3. Decide on a body weight program
  4. Stretch daily

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Training Totals 1/9/2012

RECAP: A new year and a new commitment to running smart, to building the mileage slowly; a commitment to being boring, safe, and to being injury free.

These updates are going to be dull, dull, dull for the foreseeable future – some running, some time on the elliptical, some weight lifting. If I play my cards right, by the spring I’ll be running again for real.

Anyway, here’s the week in numbers:


Run Streak: 0

Average Weight –191.5

Running Miles: 12.6 in 2:04:09

Bike Miles: 5.5 in 15:00

Strength and Flexibility: 1:30:00

Total exercise time: ~3:45 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 3.1 in 29:31

Tuesday – S&F 30:00

Wednesday – 5 in 49:38; S&F 15:00

Thursday – S&F 50:00

Friday – 3 in 29:00; S&F 1:00:00

Saturday – Fat Man Machine 1.5 in 15:00; Bike (stationary) 5.5 in 15:00

Sunday – 0


Goals for Last Week:

  1. n/a


Looking Ahead:

My right ankle feels fine, and the groin is definitely on the mend, but now my left ankle is giving me some grief. The slow build, with plenty of rest and ice, continues. Nothing fancy this week, a little more running, a little more time in the gym. Onward.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run 15 miles
  2. Exercise for at least six hours
  3. Ice ankle
  4. Complete physical therapy exercises three times
  5. Stretch daily
  6. Figure out weekly schedule for the next month



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Looking Back:

2010 was a year of unfulfilled potential. I started the year off with an injury, bounced back for a strong spring and summer, and finished the year with two serious injuries and a very disappointing fall racing season. I ran 1582 miles this year, roughly one hundred miles fewer than I ran in 2010. I set a PR at the 5k, but failed to PR or meet any of the time goals I set for the year. I did not even run a marathon.

Statistically, this year was a profound disappointment, but there were a number of intangible successes. I joined a local running club and raced more often than I ever have before. I ran too much and too fast, but I learned a lot about the science of running and what it takes to stay healthy. I made a whole bunch of mistakes. I got smarter, and, for a while there, faster. Now it is time to take the hard lessons of 2011 and put them to work.


Looking Forward:

As I’ve written about here before, I need to acknowledge that I am old and injury prone. I have consistently upped my mileage, or my speed work, too quickly, and I have consistently paid the price. No more. From here on, I am going to be smart. I am going to follow the ten percent rule; I’m going to take cut back weeks. I’m going to be patient, consistent, and disciplined and I am going to work very, very hard to stay injury free.

That right there is my major goal for 2012 – stay healthy. But me being me, I have to set a couple of concrete goals as well. I am trying to keep these modest, but challenging and focused on the events and aspects of the sport I enjoy.

First, I hope to finally hit 2,000 miles for the year. I enjoy the long run, I enjoy racking up the miles, and I hope by building my miles slowly and safely, and not taking on any speed work for some time, I can stay healthy enough to make this a reality.


Second, I’d like the break twenty minutes at the 5k. My current PR is 21:49. A minute forty nine in a year is a challenge, but doable. The 5k is a great distance. You can race them almost every weekend through the spring, summer and fall. I plan to race this distance a lot and finally understand this distance.

Third, run a 1:35 half marathon. This is also a stretch, but not unattainable if I stay healthy.

No marathon goal for now. I’m not sure I’ll race the distance this year. We’ll see. A lot depends on how my fitness is come the summer. For now, I’m excited to just be running again pain free. I hope to keep this up, adding the miles little by little and eventually, someday, years from now, towing the line at Boston.

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Like many New Yorkers, I tried to just go about my business this Sunday, September 11th, and my business on Sunday was to get my longest run of this training cycle done. The goal was 20 miles, I made it 19.25 before I called it a day. I feel pretty good about that.


Inspired by long distance voyager, I’m on a mission to run the big bridges of the city, this Sunday’s run was geared toward hitting one of the big dawgs – the Queensboro (aka the 59th St Bridge). To do that, I left my place, headed through Bed Stuy, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint and on up to the Pulaski Bridge.


Manhattan as seen from the Pulaski Bridge

I hadn’t run on the Pulaski since I the New York Marathon in 2006. The Pulaski’s a small drawbridge nowhere near the size of the big east river bridges, but it has its charm. It crosses over the Newtown Creek in the heart of industrial Queens. Like much of New York, isn’t much to look at, but it gets the job done. There are no tourists, just a couple of bikers, some polish kids, and me. I love this bridge.



After the Pulaski was the bridge of a thousand broken dreams in the New York Marathon – the Queensboro. For me, this was where the wheels came off in my running of the New York Marathon and I wasn’t alone. Many a marathoner begin to feel the pain on the uphill section of the Queensboro. It’s a testament to how far I’ve come in my running that I cruised across this bad boy in no time, stopping only to take these pictures for you.


The View from the Queensboro

It was a grey day in the city. The ceremony honoring those who died in the World Trade Center was going on downtown, but as I cruised down the east side of Manhattan, it seems like any other Sunday and I thought about that day ten years ago. I was on the Q Train about to go over the Manhattan Bridge when the conductor said that a plane had hit the World Trade Center. You could see it clear as day out the window of the train. A man in my car shouted “my mother works in that building” and rushed from our car. We were stuck on a bridge; he had nowhere to go, but he ran anyway. I thought it must have been an accident, and that surely that’d put the fire out soon.


From the Manhattan Bridge

By the time I got off the train at 14th street, the second plane had hit and everyone knew it was a terrorist attack. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to work. At the time I was working in a video editing studio, we had a hundred videos monitors in the place, but not a single television. We all went downstairs to the dinner below us and watched the coverage with hundreds of other people on a tiny TV they’d brought out from the back. People were streaming north from the financial district and would stop and watch some of the coverage. Some people were covered in dust, others looked dazed, almost no one spoke.

I remember the television broadcasting an interview with a man who said he was trapped above the fire in one of the towers. He was fine, he said, but they couldn’t get down. They just needed someone to come get them. Moments later, the tower collapsed.

Once the towers came down, I felt a need to get home. Now. It was a beautiful day, clear skies and warm. As we walked home, Brooklyn ahead of us looked so beautiful. Behind us, lower Manhattan had disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

On the Pulaski

I crossed the Manhattan Bridge again on Sunday at around mile 15 of the run, I was hurting by then and still had a ways to go. I weaved through downtown Brooklyn, back up through Bed Stuy and home, glad the long run, and the anniversary of that horrible day were behind me.

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RECAP: Forward progress, that’s for sure. Even with a day off on Monday to accommodate a wedding related hang over and a flight home I was able to squeak in fifty miles for the week. Very happy about that. Not as happy about my performance on the long run this weekend, the first fifteen went well, but the last four were pretty rough. Hey, that’s what training runs are for, right? Feel bad now so I’ll feel good later.

Another health note – I’ve been having trouble with my shoulder and took the week off from body weight work. I’ll be back at it this week.

Alright, the numbers:


Run Streak: 6 days

Average Weight –182.5

Running Miles: 50  in 8:12:50

Bike Miles: 0

Body Weight Work: 0

Total exercise time: ~8 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – off

Tuesday – 7.5 in 1:15:00 (3.5 warm up and cool down; 4 mile fartlek in a driving rain)

Wednesday – 12.5 in 1:51:54

Thursday – 4.5 in 40:04

Friday – 3 in 28:00

Saturday – 3 in 28:34

Sunday – 19.25 in 3:32:18

Goals for Last Week:

  1. Run at least fifty miles – DONE!
  2. Exercise, including bodyweight work and stretching, for a total of ten hours – FAILED
  3. Long run of at least 20 miles – FAILED (but pretty damn close)

Looking Ahead

This week is about carrying forward the success of the last week. Long run is going to be short (thank god) but there will be two mid week runs of medium length. With no scheduling issues and a week’s rest for the shoulder I should be able to come back on the stretching and bodyweight work. I would really like to hit that ten hour mark.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run at least 53 miles
  1. Exercise, including bodyweight work and stretching, for a total of ten hours
  2. Lose a pound

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RECAP: Once again I didn’t hit all the goals, but I did make significant progress. 48 miles isn’t fifty, and nine hours isn’t ten, but neither is is bad. I had an excellent track work out, which I think shows that my 5k PR is soft, and I ran 15 miles on Friday night with little pain. All good signs.

Alright, the numbers:


Run Streak: 11 days

Average Weight –185

Running Miles: 48.2  in 7:25:23

Bike Miles: 0

Body Weight Work: 5 times for a total of 1:45:00

Total exercise time: ~9 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 5 in 46:00; W3D1 14, 18, 14, 14 12 (failed to complete the final set)

Tuesday – 3.5 warm up, 5 x 1200 @ 5kpace; 2.5 cool down.; 15 minutes of bodyweight work including L-sit practice

Wednesday – 10 in 1:43:31; W3D2 25, 20, 15, 7, 7 (failed to complete last two sets)

Thursday – 2 in 16:38; body weight work

Friday – 15 in 2:22:34

Saturday – 5 in 43:31

Sunday – 1.5 in 12:39 restarting W2D1 14, 14, 10, 10, 20

Goals for Last Week:

  1. Run everyday – DONE
  2. Run at least fifty miles – FAIL
  3. Exercise, including bodyweight work and stretching, for a total of ten hours – FAIL
  4. Lose a pound – DONE

Looking Ahead

I need to stop thinking about “salvaging” my fall marathon and realize I still have plenty of time to get this shit together. I spoke last night at my club practice with a much faster guy who is also running Philly, he isn’t sweating it yet, I’m not either. I just need to be consistent, get in the miles, and I’ll be fine.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run at least fifty miles
  2. Exercise, including bodyweight work and stretching, for a total of ten hours
  3. Long run of at least 20 miles

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RECAP: Another week in suck city. I had to have a routine medical procedure this week which laid me up for two days. Then there was a goddamn hurricane. All in all it sucked, and the less said about it the better.

Alright, the numbers:


Run Streak: 4 days

Average Weight –186.7

Running Miles: 34  in 5:26:23

Bike Miles: 0

Body Weight Work: 2 times

Total exercise time: ~6 hours

Daily Breakdown:

Monday – 5 in 49:00; W3D3 (16, 17, 14, 14, 24) for a total of 81

Tuesday – 0

Wednesday – 0

Thursday – 9.5 in 1:26:00; Max rep push up test – 31

Friday – 5 in 1:00:00

Saturday – 10 in 1:33:59

Sunday – 4.5 in 36:24

Goals for Last Week:

  1. Three days of body weight work – FAILED
  2. Run at least 45 miles, ideally 50 – FAILED
  3. Survive to fight another day – DONE?
  4. Lose a pound – DONE

Looking Ahead

This was another tough week in what has been a tough and disappointing month. At this point, I just need to put it behind me and concentrate on salvaging my fall marathon. Its going to be balls out from here on out.

Goals for Next Week:

  1. Run everyday
  2. Run at least fifty miles
  3. Exercise, including bodyweight work and stretching, for a total of ten hours
  4. Lose a pound

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